Dependable Water Well Drilling for the Entire Okanagan Valley

For comprehensive water well drilling in the Okanagan Valley, look no further than Cyclone Drilling. From on-site inspections, new installations, and repairs, to well closures, we offer reliable well drilling services to residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal clients. We offer not only preliminary services, but also provide support right through to the end of the process.

At Cyclone Drilling, we take every factor that goes into your water well drilling job very seriously. We will liaise with you on all matters, from where to put your well, how to ensure it’s working efficiently and at capacity, and helping to resolve any issues that might arise. When helping you in selecting the location for your well, we will be sure to measure the approximate depth of the aquifers at the site, as well as any land formations we anticipate having to work around, so that we can give you a sense of how the project will unfold.

Cyclone Drilling offers services for:

  • Domestic water wells
  • Irrigation systems
  • Geotechnical/Environmental
  • Geothermal wells
  • Environmental wells
  • On-site inspections
  • Well troubleshooting
  • Well closures & abandonments
  • Industrial wells
  • Site layouts & planning consultations
  • Productivity & volume analysis

When you need a water well for your home in the Okanagan Valley, contact Cyclone Drilling to get the job done right. Whether you want to drill a new well on your property, have concerns about an old well, or are having difficulties with your current water supply, Cyclone Drilling is here to help. Our technicians have over 80 years combined experience to bring to your domestic water well. Our inventory of heavy-duty equipment is always maintained to meet the highest standards. This allows us to be ready to drill all year round. Get clean water for your home with a well that meets environmental standards and is well-installed and maintained. We will meet your needs and expectations in a timely and efficient fashion, so that your home can get back to clean running water as soon as possible.

Water Wells for Homes in the Okanagan Valley

Water Wells for Farm Irrigation in the Okanagan Valley You Can Rely On

Rural property owners know how important water and water management is to your commercial success. Ensuring that your irrigation system and well work together efficiently is what we focus on. If you need a high volume of water for your commercial or industrial site, let us know. Whether you need to irrigate a crop field or need to water a herd of thirsty livestock, Cyclone Drilling will work with you to find the best solution for your needs. Our diligent, thorough team brings their extensive experience to every project.

Cyclone Drilling rig

Drilling for geothermal energy represents a sustainable method of tapping into the Earth’s natural heat. The process involves boring a hole and installing pipes that use the differential between the earth’s internal temperature and surface temperature to generate electricity or to heat buildings directly. Geothermal drilling is complex, requiring sophisticated equipment and technology to reach the depths where significant geothermal energy can be harvested. Unlike fossil fuels, geothermal energy is clean and renewable, offering an almost inexhaustible supply of power with minimal environmental impact. This makes it an attractive alternative for large commercial operations. 

Our drilling team have a proud legacy, spanning over four decades, delivering expert well drilling services. We are committed  to excellence and customer satisfaction. We are proud of our reputation for close attention to detail, reasonable prices, and reliable work. Our approach demonstrates respect for our customers’ property.

Geothermal Well Drilling in the Okanagan Valley

Well Closures & Abandonments

It’s critically important to have a professional team close an abandoned well primarily due to environmental and safety concerns. Abandoned wells can serve as a channel for contaminants to enter groundwater supplies, posing a potential risk to public health. Furthermore, unclosed wells can also become dangerous traps for both wildlife and humans, especially children who might unknowingly play around them. To mitigate these risks, a professional closure, typically involving sealing the well with concrete or other approved materials, should be done as soon as the well is deemed no longer in use. This ensures that the well is safely decommissioned, protecting both the environment and the community.

Cyclone Drilling goes beyond merely drilling for water by offering comprehensive site layout and consultation services for property owners looking to establish wells. Upon purchasing property that necessitates a water well, speak with our team of experts to get help with reviewing  the geological characteristics and water table data of your land to accurately determine the optimal drilling location. This holistic approach ensures not only the provision of a reliable water source but also the maximal preservation of your property’s natural landscape and integrity.

Site Layouts & Well Planning Consultations

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